Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Day on A Bus

OhOh.. i LovE tHis BacKgRouND..FinaLLy i fOund iT..siMpLe and Cute.
Hah..aDe maSe plAk meNcari Ye~ yEah..AcTly..HurM..i Got a PresEntation tHis present mY weB appLication SysteM tO mY ProJect's cLiEnt taPi..afTer all..SerVer puLak buAt Xd KeJe Lah~ wEEkLy rePort loM siAp~ LasT weeK Je~
Hurm.. I arrIved Here aT 8 lasT nitE From KAy Tee..a Day Trip on Bas NiNi was Not so bOring as ExpecTed since aLL thE pAssengerS entErtaiNed me Well..peNah MmBenCi yG tEraMat paDa BaS NiNi Bcoz DoLu2 pEnah tAu I tOok AlmOst 20 hOurs nk baLik Ipoh KerNa DiseBabKAn TokeY nyeR Yg kuRenG..n At ThaT Time...BiLe NamPk MukE TokEy Dy..wAt i ImaGinEd iS Nk GeGet2 DiE..but My FrEn Suh SaBA Coz If I GegEt Die..SapE nk DrIve Plak??Hish...That reAsoN At LeAst Cud StOp Me FrOm DoiNG ThaT..luCkY HiM huh...
sMlm PuLAk...Ade La MaCik ni yg bErceriTa ttG heR LIfe..hER hUtang2..sHe has bEEn TALking all the Way to Kuantan~i Just pAsanG telinGe jE le..Gud Enaf That I wasnt Her seAT mate tO heAr Her wHole LiFe sToriEs~n This One BeauTifUl ala Sexy lAdy wAs so conFident talKing to The PhonE with Her So caLLed BF i Guess..Arghh..Make me Smile..Her Manje2 Statements..Whole Bus Bole Dengar The ConVersatIOn..n My sEat Mate..EvenThougH sHe talKed so Slow liKe wHispeRing..i Still Can Hear..soRRy babE..TalKing Bout hEr loVe maTTer tO a fRen on The PhonE jUgak..LesBiaN ThinGy?? UrGhh..PeLik2~ n Me..?wHy Didnt I taLk tO the Phone Jugak?Hhaha..My pHone was out of BatterY~So I cUdnt call Mr. Fabby~ThaT's y La i XdE KjE meNg'ObseRve' ThoSe peOple..heHe..

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