Thursday, May 14, 2009

BoLe Ke CmNi?

HahAh..i Got aN emAil..fRom a FreN..AttACheD wiTh That iS an ExceL fiLe.
hAhAr..MeRapu punYe FilE..SaPe La Yg ReKa Ni Ek??I jUst NeeD tO enTer My NaMe...WaTevEr naMe La..N ThEse Are ThE ReSultS
nisah---> computer nerd
anisah ahmad---> retail store manager
anisah---> nursery teacher
anisah binti ahmad ---> reality TV Show star
yG xTahAn tU..My FrEn Dpat Job PorN sTar pOn aDer..haHahHa..KciWa Tol La.. FaRa DoNut xTahan Dpt KeJe indaHwaTer WorKer..RumEt akU lg Kesian..dPt jd PenjaGe zoo ngn GiGolO..MarAh tol Dy~hahhahahha

p/s: ShaPe2 yG nk TrY NamE Dy..bG nAme Kt Aku...HaHAHA..See tHe ReSult..HaHaHa

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