Thursday, May 21, 2009

HoMe SweEt HoME sleepy~~clock on the wall shows less than 5.30..hehe..what's my plan?5.15 ---> off PC...5.25---> get ready at the gate...5.30---> flash ID card... 5.31---->start car engine..speed...speed..need to speed coz the traffic gonna be so bad today..owh Mr. Fabby..please let me to do so~promise...i'l be a gud girl on the road~6.20---->on the bus oready and Zira take my car away from me..gonna mis u babe~6.30--->call Mr. Fabby to update myself..erk..report2..heee..7.00--->go to sleep~i can sleep anywhere anytime..count 1..2..3..i''l be gone to my world oredy..hehe..bla...bla..bla...10.30--->in Kuala Terengganu!!! yey!! and everything will be happening today~owh...i mish my 'ome sooommmuchhh~

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