Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LaSt NiTe StORy...

LaSt NiTe..It Was RaiNing cats anD dOgS..TheSe LasT 2 dayS i Got A vEry BaD sLeepIng Habit..10 HouRs of SleePing..hUUuuu..ciAn Mr. FaBBy duk coWang2..hUk2..It wAs 1 a.m ThaT tIme i GuEss..i wAs At my ForMer SchOOl wiTh my The HosTeL..i Was SleePing on a Bed..I Don KnoW WhoSe BeD iT is..n I wAs HaunTed bY GhoSts..VeRy ScAry One..mY fRen waS sUffEring a nonAme diSease..oWh..thEn CAme a lAdy..HolD my HeAd.. And dId SumtHIng To mE..kIss?oR BitE? bEcAuse At ThaT Time..i OpeNed mY EyEs..My hEaRt beats weRe sOoo faSt liKe bEcKHam kIck a BaLL anD nO oNe CaN sEE wHat HappEneD..thE GhoSts were VeRy Real..And It wAs Still RaiNIng...tUp Tap Tup Tap..i DiaLLed a NumBer.."mR. faBBy..i am ScAred..i Got a NigHtMare.."

~tUu laaa..SukE sGt TgK ciTe AnTu~


~ KnE Tag NgAn AfIL koRie~

1.Your name?
Of cOuRse The SimPleSt NaMe : "AniSah BinTi AhmAd"
thaNx MoM & DaD CoZ GaVe Me The SimPle NamE..xSsh SgT Nk IsI boRanG..heE

2.Your age?
21 OuTsIde bUt StiLL 12 InSidE..ngEeE

3.One of your friends?
LiLy..FuHH..Seb BaIk miTak OnE Je~

4.What should you be doing?
bLoGGINg..aHaHa..NeW HoBBy~

5.Favourite colour?
PiNk..hEhEhh..Mom MuSti GumbIra DpT a VeRy GurLIsh DaUghTer~

KuAla TeRenggAnu.. sKrg da Jd BandaRayE tuUuu..HeHeHe

7.Month of your birth?
JuLy.. PpL sAY JuLy PerSon HaS ThE MosT AdMiRabLe peRsoNAliTY..AsK TheM lA..

8.Last person you talked to?
KaK dIyAna..CommEntEd HeR EngAGeMEnt PreParAtIon..ShE sHouLd ResPonSiBle To My CurrEnt ChRoNiC DiSEaSe ; GatAl nK kAweN

9.One of your nicknames?
NiSaH Da La..At lEast SimplER tHan My NAme.. hEhE

10. I tag:
You!! You La Yg BAcE BloG Ni..CpT2..Jgn bUat2 XseDar PlAk~hEEeeeeEe



  1. alalaa cute nye blog dia..hehe.pinky :)

    silalah lawati blog saya plak..hihhio (promote :P)

  2. Pergh ..minah slow rock nih. Suka tengok citer antu .. pas tu perasaan umur 12 tahun. weh ...umur 12 tahun mana bleh kawen dulu ..kena skolah dulu ..