Monday, June 22, 2009

Pulau Kapas Holiday!!!

Me & Mr.Fabby

Us ♥ Si-chomel Eriz

Ni mermaid ke dugong?!#%@

~Baru turun ke laut~

Nas has been chasing the jelly fish n took this picture..A big one~

Too tired today! Yea...Just coming back from a trip to Pulau Kapas..n that was the best holiday ever in my life..Thanx to Mr. Fabby for inviting me..He knows that i love island soooo much...and being on an island with my love is the best feeling that i ever had..Flying muahXx-muahxx to Mr. Fabby syg~
♥ ♥ ♥

Qimi Chalet is the best...Isolated from other chalets and resorts...Sgt tenang...Cantik...n plg xleh lupakan is the food..Marveles!!!You shud try~Rase cm nk pegi situ every weekend..huhu...Serious best gile tempat tu...Mr. Fabby had another plan for me on that island..but something else came, knowing the true story is enough...he's so cute and romantic guy...hihi..I like~
♥ ♥ ♥

Day 1
Drang gerak from KL kul 5am..and arrived at Kuantan at about 730am..actually, i cudn sleep at that nite..excited.haha..We had our breakfast at HaiPeng Kemaman..n there i met all Mr' Fabby's officemates..Drang sgt sporting~Feel very comfortable with them.Huuu...

At 12 noon...

We arrived at Pulau Kapas...Had our delicious lunch..Kak Ros is very good at cooking.Huuu...And we went for snorkeling after that..The corals and fishes are very nice..Sgt teruja dgn ciptaan Tuhan..Perfect!

Memorable story while snorkeling...

Haha...speed boat lalu..n the ombak sgt kuat..sume org trumbang ambing..minum air laut yg sgt masin..ak sgt nervous..because gelombang air sgt kuat..we all sume out of control...and ak tenggelamkan Arip..pushing his head into the water because i tot i was drawning..N realizing that his head was gone..Ak tarik balik life jacket dy ke atas..i was looking for Mr. fabby but he was far away...sian Arip..paling klaka..dlm keadaan lemas tu dy cube selamatkan goggle thing i cud see at that time is his goggle..Dy mcm angkat goggle dy ke atas..takot basah ke??Haha..and after that..Mr. Fabby da pancit..n i have to push him n swim...Mcm hero da..finally, ngn aku pon boat dtg slamatkan kami..Ape yg penting??Kerjasame~haha

That nite..

We were having our marveles dinner...BBQ meals..Ketam..Udang..Ikan..Best sgt! But everything is readily served!Qimi Chalet yg buatkan..Hihi..n a birthday surprise for Nasrul for his 23+10th birthday..huhu..sungguh terkejut si Nas..N after that kitorg main satu game..Who's the killer..U all mesti penah main kan..where the killer kenyit mate kt org yg hndak di bunuh n org2 yg hidup ni kene guess who's the killer amongst them..huu..ade mis-fire la..n the game was so fun!Credit to Nas!
♥ ♥ ♥
Day 2

Aku bgn awal sgt..called Mr. Fabby suruh turun awal..menikmati suasana romantik pagi...jalan2 di pesisir pantai..haha..n tidurkan si comel Eriz..then we had our breakfast..n one last round mandi pantai di Pulau Kapas..huuu...Haih..da nk balik...really wanna stay there longer...

N then balik la kami ke dunia yg nyata..hehe..Lunch and then Mr. Fabby temankan aku makan n shopping kat Kuantan before he going back to KL..Thnx syg~ Nas pon tmankan kami~Hihi..


  1. huuhuhuhu.. lame xdengar cite weh.. hoho.. mg ad ym x? skype ke? fb ke?
    add ak weh.

  2. aku rs gmbo mung tgoh berenang tu,,dugong kot,,dugong bru pts cnta,,haha,,