Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Black & Red
Okey…Dekat2 final ni..byk plak presentation…Hurm…about 3 weeks practicing for the presentations..practice??? Huhu…Iye…practice~

1st-Presentation to IT/IS Dept..
Well…okey la~ Hehe…first time…but not that bad..Da lali ngn drang..what have been practiced..tu la yg di buat but quite casual la bcoz drang byk enterprem..buat lawak mental~huhu..

2nd-Presentation to UTP
Ha..This one made me pening2 every day...Hehe…Bcoz I didn have time to look at it at all..Cuak gilosh! But then the result was good…bcoz the day before and the whole week before the day, I was bz with another presentations~ sigh~

3rd-Presentation to Directors and Managing Director
This one…One whole day we were waiting for the queue to present and sgale pendebaran last dgn heart broken saje ~ made me very miserable dat day…bcoz our queue was postponed to the nex day..the day of our UTP Presentation..sigh lagi~and I don wan to remember anything about it..hehe…sbb trlupe greet Dr.Thomas yg comel n innocent..Shian dy~

Da la…Done with ol of the presentations and the penat lelahs…Fiuuu~

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