Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anything can be...

Tomorrow morning i will be going to Pulau Kapas with Mr.Fabby- company trip..Last week KL..this week Pulau week..blk umah....i have no time for my self these days..A lot more things to do also..Huhu..excited jugak nk pegi Pulau Kapas..later, i'll update okeyy..huhu..i'm not packing for the trip yet ..hua....i will be super duper lazy bile sebut psl packing..derrr....(X.X) org nk tlg pack x..upah 20posen..hehe
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This morning..Malaysia Hari Ini punyer topic is "Father's Day"..Yea..Mother's Day is done..The callers tell their sad n happy stories..They make me feel misery in the morning..Mate pon da berkaca..Muka pon da merah..Tahan sebak..I really touched when talk about parents and their efforts to grow us up..until now..we are alive without difficulties..And I miss my late Dad so much.. :'( .. If i can have one chance to request..i will request to see him.. even for a second... Arghh...don wanna cry.. I can never talk about this for my entire life otherwise.. my day will be so dull and dead...Lets gone be by gone..Appreciate what you have now.And thanks God..He gives me this strong heart to go through the days..Lets just stop here.
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1 thing to ask...


Sometimes i'm thinking...who is better?
Of course i will say woman do..Hehe...Is it true??


  1. lol..agak ssh nak jwb soklan ko tu..
    tlalu universal~haha..

    neway njoy ur trip~~

  2. about ur dad..jgn lah sedeyh2 sngt nisah..ak kan ade..Motip?..doakn utk ayah ko slalu..semoga ayah ko bahagia kat sane..ko kan anak mithali..enjoy ur trip rumate!