Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A wedding gift and a real dream in advance

Big Thanks to Kak Diyana n Afini for the intimate wedding gift in advance...
Really LOVE it!

And finally...
the real dream

Searching for a videographer for my W-Day
Found one
Hope that we can work well together
I need someone that is really creative n dedicated to this
Mule la nk berangan niiii
We'll see~

Kawan mintak update more on W-Day
but i feel like losing the element of surprise
So mayb i'll update more after my W-Day for your references
i dont have much time to do comparisons or surveys
but i definitely will post what i did for my preparation

Be patient ya!


  1. semek, byk bonus kau...nasib baik jauh, klu x naye la mu aku pau..kekeke

    btw~nk komen, kene eja perkataan pelik2,semek la...