Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Me is Domestic Diva!


Finally ter-rajin jugak nk update blog ni...
Sy masih berhutang utk update perkembangan baby bump during last check up @14weeks
Da nk check up lagi da pon..nati laa sekaligus..huahuahua #pemalas service @basf da pon berakhir...
Sedih jugak tinggalkan kwn2 & kerja life must go on
And now I'm working for my dearest hubby from home...Position: Domestic Diva
Paham x? Ngehngeh
I'm just catching up to be a full time housewife
But in my condition which perut makin ke xdpt aktif spt dolu2
I hope baby is fine & jadi rajin mcm Ummi die soon!

It's good to have my own house..own space..own kitchen..own fridge..everything is in my territory!
After 1 year and 2 months married, we just get our own space and life...
No more travelling...wikend couple or watever...a huge relief though!
Alhamdulillah...And now waiting for a new member ;)

Now is is on the bed...#Yawn =O
Mau layan korea sambil tutup mate..hikhik
I'll update this blog more frequent, I guess so~

Tata for now!


  1. kak nisah.. dh pregnant ni elok mkn Ifood dan Ikids. insyaAllah anak xkuning nanti

  2. Yayy mommy is back ! keep on updating this blog okay ! =))

  3. nadhirah...thanx dik..nt k.nisah ushar ;) masih hidup tp salu berabuk~ahha